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Happy Inktober!

Hope your month has been full of color! It's a cool one on the East Coast right now! Winter is coming- It's Almost Here! It's never been a better time to "Kill Winter with Orange"! With more than 12 Ink Brands, and most offering an Orange or Amber color, make Federalist Pens your choice for Inky Goodness! 

But don't let your Orange passion end with just Ink- The newest Pelikan M600 Pen is "Vibrant Orange"! It's being paired with Edelstein Mandarin in marketing to make your winter full of Orange brightness! 

Olivine M205 Pens are also in stock! Get this great new green color...

More info on the new M600 here:


Ohio Pen Show- 11/1-11/3

THE..Ohio Pen Show is back! This show is one of the best on the show circuit! It is always well attended, busy, and my best show after the DC Supershow! The show has been coinciding with "Fountain Pen Day" for a couple of years now! 

I set up my four tables in the back hallway, as I have been doing the past four years! YES- this show is so good- I actually like being in the Hallway! I am not alone.. I am located near some of my fellow dealers, and some noted dealers of vintage pens and accessories. 


New Products!

SO many new pen products! As well as the M600 Orange:

From Diplomat- there is a new Blue finish in the Aero Model

From Platinum- The Procyon Models are finally in stock!

Esterbrook- The long awaited return of this iconic brand! We are based in South Jersey in "Estie" country- just a couple miles South of the old Cherry Hill Factory (Also on Springdale Rd), and about six miles East of Camden, where the original factory stood at the Camden waterfront for 100+ years! The best news is that the original Esterbrook Nibs will fit these models (With an adapter- sold seperately)!

I have offered vintage Esterbrook Pens at pen shows for years now (even before I started selling as a retailer), along with parts and nibs. I will now be posting the nibs (NOS-New Old Stock) that I have available on the site along with the New Esterbrook Models. Of course, you can buy the new models with new Esterbrook-marked Jowo nibs as well! Look for site update soon!


This is an New-Old-Stock(NOS) 9556 (Fine Point) Nib from Esterbrook (Archive Photo). Green Boxed "Dura-Chrome" Nibs are Iridium-tipped. They are superior to 1xxx/2xxx Nibs (Steel is rolled over, and smoothed for tipping). This is NOT to say that Red Boxed nibs are no good. On the contrary, when they are NOS- you can expect a very smooth writing experience! I only sell good 1xxx/2xxx Nibs on pens when the nibs are NOS, or near new/Excellent condition.. I have always done this when I sold vintage, but I do prefer to sell similar condition 9xxx versions! You can rest assured that I will continue to use quality, vintage Nibs in the new "Estie" Model pens from the new Esterbrook Company!


All for now Pen Pals- Till the next issue of The Papers!

The Federalist



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