OMAS Pen Products! (New!)

"I am pleased to announce the revival of the iconic OMAS brand.  This has been made possible through a joint effort with Armando Simoni Club (ASC) brands. In 2016, ASC acquired all remaining manufacturing equipment and raw materials from the liquidation of the original OMAS company. ASC has remained the one and only source of OMAS celluloid materials since. We guarantee that all OMAS products sold on and through our affiliated retailers are manufactured with genuine OMAS celluloid materials. I have been devoted to the fountain pen community since I first built the brand Nahvalur from scratch, and Nahvalur has been an innovative and reliable brand since its inception in 2019. We are committed to bringing OMAS back to the prominent brand it once was. 

We have learned of some statements and comments online disputing the authenticity of our products. Our ownership of the OMAS trademark arises from our use of the mark with our genuine products during the revival after years of abandonment of the OMAS trademark. 

Please let this statement reiterate our dedication to faithfully handcraft genuine OMAS products in Italy that can live up to the legacy of the OMAS name.  All OMAS products produced by our venture are made from genuine OMAS materials utilizing original engineering and top quality Italian craftsmanship. Further, as part of our commitment to the brand, the heritage, and you – the OMAS loyalists – we also make the pledge to repair genuine vintage OMAS products. 

Frank Zhang 
President of OMAS/Managing Partner"
Fed Pens is pleased to offer the updated products from this iconic Italian Brand! Quality craftsmanship, well represented in the USA by our friend, and brand ambassador Mario Campa (Formerly Girologio/Toys From The Attic). Products in stock! Update soon!