Mid-Year Report!

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Mid-Year 2023!

Greetings Pen Pals! It's been a great year so far! It's been great to see so many of you return to pen shows! Your continued attendance and support at these venues are vital for their growth- and survival. Dealers like me that choose to go to these events count on your support, participation, and sales at these shows. Bringing hundreds of items to fill 5 tables is no easy feat. The fact that I choose to attend 12 or more shows annually continues to amaze most people!

It is not easy to host and coordinate these shows either. Folks that run these shows spend a lot of time (and money) organizing, coordinating, and promoting these events. They count on large dealers like myself to attend. I even managed to get a promoter to move a pen show date this year to ensure that we would be there (The Orlando Pen Show and The Commonwealth Pen Show were the same weekend. The Commonwealth promoter moved the date to the following weekend knowing that I was going to Orlando)! I also look forward to the comradery and possibility of fellow dealers. This is because "Loyal" customers of other dealers come to shows- get to see the unique brands and products that I offer, and I may even give them a better deal than their "Favorite" dealer! We all work together, buy from the same reps/vendors, buy items at the same price (brands that we all carry), and eat/drink together at the end of the day! ;-)

Our next show is next weekend at the Triangle Pen Show (aka Raleigh Pen Show). The show is in Durham this year- closer to the airport! More info can be found here- www.trianglepenshow.com. Join us for 5 tables of Pens, Inks, Paper, Vintage, Leather, Refills and Accessories! We will also be at the St Louis Pen Show later month! The Summer show season also includes the DC Pen Supershow in August! Follow us on Social Media or on site for more information about Products, Events, and Pen Shows! Frank


New Brands/Products

Already Added this year-

-Epitome Pen Products 

-Pigment and Hue Stationery

-New Pens from Sailor, Pelikan, Pilot and Visconti!

-JOWO Nibs 


Coming Soon!

-Life/Kleid Paper (Site Update Soon!)

-Maruman Paper (Mnemosyne paper) Site Update Soon!

-Delta Pens (Site Update Soon!)


Don't Forget Your Discount Codes! Save Even More Than Posted Prices!

All for now Pen Pals! Happy Collecting!




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