Ink Miser Ink-Shot Fill System!

  • $6.00

The Ink Miser Ink-Shot Inkwell is the answer to making the most out of every bottle of ink! Use this module to get ink out no matter the shape, size, or brand of ink! If you have ever wanted to fill a piston from a 4.5 oz. bottle, or use the remaining bit of ink from any size bottle, then the Ink-shot is your answer! The Ink Miser Ink-Shot is perfect for filling pens from a 4.5 oz. bottle or any size or brand of ink, use for cleaning pen nibs and filler mechanism as well as mixing inks. (Disposable Dropper Included!) Intra-Bottle Inkwell gets the last drop of ink out of the bottle, allowing you to fill pen right from the bottle! NEVER WASTE A DROP! NOTE- This Intra-bottle fits 90ml bottles best. The brands I carry that fit this module include Noodler's and Monteverde Inks.

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