"The Nib Exchange" Fountain Pen Nibs/Units

NIBS! NIBS! NIBS! Buy Loose Nibs here! New Nibs can be seated in sections, or sold loose! 

All 5 Major Nib Makers are here- JOWO, Bock, Schmidt, Kanwrite and now Magna Carta! All nibs can be purchased with/without pens!!

We have HUNDREDS of new steel nibs from Bock, JOWO, Schmidt, Magna Carta, or Kanwrite! Bock #6 size- Stamped, "Fed Pens/FP" Stamped, Conklin, Monteverde, Laban, or OPUS88. Bock #5/#6 "Stag" logo stamped nibs(OEM) also in stock! Kanwrite #6 size (India)- Stamped or Blank in JOWO feeds/sections.  Kanwrite Flex Nibs also available (Similar to Noodlers Nibs!). JOWO #6 size- Unmarked, Esterbrook, Diplomat, Leonardo or OPUS88 nibs available to buy seperately. Schmidt Nibs for BENU, Esterbrook, STEX and others also available!

Buy with confidence! Bock Nibs are sourced thru a US Bock affiliate (I participate in a "Group Buy" to obtain these nibs). Kanwrite Nibs come direct from my pen source in India! They come in #6 JOWO units, and fit JOWO compatible pens (Blank Kanwrite nibs even look like JOWO nib units). We also source blank geniune JOWO Nibs from an authorized Distributor. Other brands listed are based on my license to sell pen products new from these makers/distributors! Schmidt Nibs are bought from an authorized Pen Maker! 

To make some of my Fed Pens, Bock Stamped, or Kanwrite Nibs more unique, I have Mark Bacas (aka "Nibgrinder") grind select nibs into either Stub nibs, or CSI Nibs (depending on nib size)! Mark has ground Conklin, Kanwrite, Bock, and Bock "FP" nibs for my store! Other nibs can also be ground- call for details! 

All nibs listed here are in their sections/feeds, and are #6 size. This size is the most common, and will fit most pens (Including "Kit" pens). Makers? Email/Message me to discuss options!

We also sell vintage nibs for Esterbrook, Eversharp, and Sheaffers Pens. Esterbrook 2xxx/9xxx NOS nibs in their boxes, Eversharp Skyline nibs and Sheaffer #5 "Feather Touch" & "Lifetime" Nibs always on hand! (These are among my favorite vintage pens!) Enquire about nib needs/availability! I have seated some of these gold #5 nibs into Flexible Nib Factory's ebonite feeds for M2xx/4xx Pelikan Pens (M400E Feed)- inquire about options and prices!