Epitome Pen Products

Epitome Pens began as a quest to provide the perfect fountain pen to the world. We found that among thousands of fountain pens available, there was something missing in each of them and there was no perfect fountain pen for hobbyists. This led our founder, Vinamra Tapadiya to start a pen company that would deliver fine writing to each and every individual of the community whilst providing them an experience like no other. Thus, the name, Epitome was adopted and our company was born.

Today, the Epitome Pen Company is an Indian fountain pen brand manufacturing handmade fountain pens with  exquisite care and intricate detail. Each pen is designed with aesthetics and ergonomics, keeping in mind the industry standards. Our products are manufactured under the guidance of industry experts with research at its core. Through our products, we believe in spreading the love of the world’s most fine writing instrument - the fountain pen. Our products are made for everyone; catering to every individual’s need while using a writing instrument. Each pen is manufactured with high quality materials and exclusive care towards each and every single step. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, and want writing to be a pleasurable experience for them. Personal attention is given to every fountain pen right from its manufacturing to its packaging until it reaches in your hands.

We believe that we are the custodians of Fountain Pens and with that in mind, we want to do nothing but improve fountain pen writing in the community. We invite you to be a part of the Epitome Pen family today by holding an Epitome pen in your courageous hands.