S.T. Dupont Pens

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The story begins with a man of exceptional destiny: Simon Tissot Dupont. In
1872, he created a luggage and leather goods
workshop, which then began to product a steady
stream of exceptional products for the highest social

In 1941, S.T. Dupont owes one of its greatest successes, its first
luxury petrol lighter, to the Maharajah of Patiala. This was quickly followed by the iconic Ligne 2, a design harking back to the thirties, adorned with silver, gold, palladium, lacquer and other most precious metals. It has since become a genuine cult item,
recognisable all over the world, by the sound it makes: his famous “cling”.

Jackie Kennedy loved her Dupont lighter so much that in 1973
she ordered a pen to match. Another Dupont icon was born: the
“Classique”. Again, the workshop brought forward its exceptional
craftsmanship. A new product, a new sensation: people went
wild for the Classique, not only for its impeccable looks, but also
its perfect balance and fluid writing.

In 2017, S.T. Dupont celebrated 145 years of prestige and exclusivity,
and continues to express its
passion — creating exceptional products for exceptional people

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