Endless Pen Leather Companion 2/3/5-Count Cases (New!)

  • $40.00

IN STOCK NOW! Choose by Color!

Introducing the Companion from Endless. Available in a 2-pen, 3-pen, or 5-pen configuration. Each Companion is made of soft and supple full-grain leather and comes with an adjustable strap to be sure to snugly fit pens of all shapes and sizes. The strap adjusts to the size of each pen but it won't stretch out or come loose when you don't want it to. Each Companion is lined with a soft, suede-like material to make sure all of your pens are perfectly snuggled in soft goodness. 

One very cool feature is that each Companion, in addition to the 2, 3, or 5 pen slots, has an additional slot for an extra cartridge or converter!

The 3-pen Companion has slots to hold up to three cards and a back pocket to store other items like business cards or notes! 3 colors!

The 5-pen has an area to store the Storyboard notebook, which comes included with the 5-pen companion! Now in 4 Colors!

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