Leonardo Pens

Our story goes on.
Our family’s legacy continues.
Our traditions are made new.
Leonardo Officina Italiana was forged in a laboratory where heritage and craftsmanship combined to give life to the pleasure of writing. With over 45 years of experience, the art of creating and manufacturing innovative, fine writing instruments, has now been handed down from father to son.
This is not an ordinary story of passing down traditions from one generation to the next, but an extraordinary one.
Ciro Matrone, the father of Leonardo co-founder and CEO Salvatore Matrone, was the co-founder and only production manager of the storied brand Delta - Artigiani della Scrittura. He led the production department there for thirty-six years. During that time, he produced and designed many of Delta’s most notable and successful writing instrument collections. From his mind, heart, and hands came the Dolcevita, Dolcevita Colosseum, Astra, Venice, Pompeii, Napoleone, Roma Imperiale, Caruso, Vespucci, Puccini, Rediscover Pompei, Gallery, Fusion 82 and many other legendary Delta collections.

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