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The year has been full of anticipation- my year was no different! As the first US Dealer for both Endless Paper and Robert Oster Signature Inks, both companies really came through for Fed Pens! Thanks to the cooperation of their US Distributor (Luxury Brands of America/LBA)- Endless took their popular A6 size "Storybook" Journal, and made a custom cover featuring our store logo! This journal features their widely liked Regalia Paper (dotted), and is very ink-friendly!

Robert Oster and I have been friends for years on Social Media. We started chatting about inks in the Spring of 2016, and by that Summer- Robert Oster Signature Inks had launched. He asked me if I wished to carry his inks in America, and that is how Fed Pens became the first ROS Dealer in the US. Each year after (up until the Pandemic) we commemorated this launch with a "Frankly" Series Ink (Blue, Scarlet, Green), and all were/are a big hit! In 2020, I decided to celebrate my fifth anniversary as a dealer with the lovely sapphire based "Frankly Fifth" Ink.

During the Pandemic, we did not work on any colors together. This year was going to be different. I decided on a brown this year, and offered Rob some color suggestions. It was actually his associate Patrick that came up with the shade that would become "Frankly Walnut"! This ink has great shades of brown and purple. It is sure to be one of your "Frankly Favorites"!

Look for more collaborations with us in 2024!

Find more exclusive products here- 


The Pelikan Pen Hubs returned in full force this year. It was great to see the event well planned, and the same time as prior years. There were hubs in 2022, but they were late in the year, and "rushed" by all accounts. I again served as the Philly Hub Master, and we had a great location. Participants received free IOTY and swag, as in prior Pre-Pandemic Years. Chartpak/Pelikan USA had told me last year that supply chain issues made it impossible for Germany to provide ink to all hub attendees, and it was decided not to offer any as the only viable choice.

Most Pen Shows ran in 2023. A couple that did not kept Fed Pens from attending the usual 12+ that I manage to get too. It is not easy bringing five+ tables of Pens, Inks and Paper to these events. I remain a "One-Man Store", and am proud of the 60+ brands that I carry. Seeing Pen Pals at these events is always a welcome experience, and your support is more than appreciated! 

The good news is that both the Miami Pen Show, and The Commonwealth Pen Show (Boston) are scheduled for 2024! This will bring my schedule back to 13+/- shows planned for 2024! YES!! 

New Products/Brands

There are so many new products out for this year! Pelikan has surprised many by coming out with 3 new products for the last quarter of this year! Featured here are the M200 Rose Quartz, the M600 Red/White Stripe, and the anticipated M600 Art Series Fountain Pen Collections. All are available now to order now (M600 Red/White available later this month!)!

Speaking of Endless Paper/@madebyendless- A new low-priced retractable fountain pen has been created- The Creator FP! This black/stainless trimmed FP comes in Fine Point- and has an amazing price of $50! Even the distributor LBA was amazed at this MSRP! In Stock Now!

Sailor Pens have also surprised many- not only with new products, but lower prices too! New versions of 1911 and Pro-Gear Products are featured, and a new model-"Cylint". This all-black pen looks like a Pro-Gear, but is actually longer!

We have added new brands to the store as well this year! Leonardo Pens, Epitome, and STEX are new pen brands to the store. Both Epitome and STEX are Indian brands, and I'm proud to be their first dealer! Life Paper and Mnemosyne Journals/Pads added this year as well! I also added these great 4"x4" 100gsm pocket spiral pads from Pigment and Hue featuring historical figures and themes!

(L-R: Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, FDR, Kennedy and Hamilton- of Course! This Blog is "The Federalist Pens Papers"!) ;-)


I see a very good outlook and future for the pen hobby! It is evolving, and constantly changing. There are some trends- people are being careful with their budgets. Both dealers and manufacturers are adapting to this trend as well. Some dealers have retired this year- choosing to sell off their stores while allowing new owners to retain the old names. Some have downsized by reducing inventory and/or attending fewer shows. I will continue to grow in 2024!

The well-known dealers will need to to remain competitive. I see pen shows continuing to thrive. I WILL ALWAYS ATTEND PEN SHOWS. I will most likely continue to be an online only retailer. I will run my Seasonal Store when possible, and this freedom to choose which venue is best allows me to remain competitive. I continue to be the main draw at most pen shows we attend. We (My brother and I) continue to bring the most products to these shows. "If I don't carry it- then you probably don't need it" is my statement at the shows! It is very likely you have purchased from me (shame on you if you have not!), even if you have never told anyone... ;-)

My name is quirky- and it works for that reason! I was a History Teacher by Profession, an IT Instructor by Trade, and now a FT Pen/Paper Retailer by choice! I am named after my respect and admiration for Alexander Hamilton- his well-read "Federalist Papers"- nothing more.  

Thank You for your respect, patronage, and continued support! Love- Frank

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