Wancher Pens (New!)

About Us

The origin of Wancher traces its journey back to 1990 when Mr. Okagaki Taizo was conducting "Desert Greening" research for ODA in Egypt. Under the severe condition in the desert during this time, handwriting became the only method to record all research information. And it led Mr. Okagaki to the idea of creating a fountain pen that can be useful under any circumstances.

After 10 years of researching and developing, in 2000, Mr. Okagaki established a stationery company under the name of THT Inc. While selling other maker's fountain pens, Mr. Okagaki also invested a lot of time and effort into making his own fountain pen designs as well.

In 2011, he decided to change the company name to Wancher Inc. and made it an independent fountain pen brand instead of a pen retailer.

Since then, Wancher has been focusing on making unique writing instruments especially fountain pens to introduce to friends all over the world.