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Cyber Monday is Here!

Hope your Thanksgiving was good- and you got to spend it with loved ones!

Much to be thankful for here at Federalist Pens! Third full year nearly complete! Lots of satisfied clients, and lots of good deals on your favorite products! My sale has been on all week, and you still have till tomorrow- Cyber Monday at Midnight ET to save!

I am very thankful to maintain an "online" only presence- to remain a "One Man Pen Store", and to continue to pass my low overhead savings on to you! I look forward to continue to offer these savings on to you! I am also proud to be the Philadelphia Authorized dealer for many of the brands that I represent!

Many people are/were shopping online this year. Buying from giant online outlets, and other "big-box" re-sellers does not help your favorite pen dealers. Competition is tough- even in a niche hobby like ours! If you want your favorite pen dealers to remain in business, you need to shop and buy in their stores! The most disappointing fact about this is going thru the process of going to pen shows, setting up, displaying products, demonstrating them, and then hear them tell their friend that they wanted to see the pens in person- and buy elsewhere (especially Dealers/Retailers that NEVER attend pen shows!). Attending Pen Shows is a costly process, and greatly affects your pen pals "Bottom Line". 

The fact is, whether it is me, or one of our other retail "Pen Pals"- you need to support them! Many have already folded this decade, and that trend (unfortunately) is going to continue. Your support ensures that pen shows will continue, and that there could still be a physical and/or virtual pen store presence in your region! 

Off the "Soap Box" for now! ;-)

Federalist Frank

 New Products!

Tomoe River Paper Coming to Fed Pens!

As I write this Blog- my first shipment of Tomoe River Pads and Journals are on their way! I am very proud to add this paper brand! Tomoe joins Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Filofax, and Stifflexible Notebooks/Planners/Journals as an option in our store! Look for a site update within the next week!

Girologio Pen Wraps! New!

Also En Route to the shop are the new Leather Pen Wraps from Girologio! Just announced, these leather, 6-pen wraps will arrive this week! Available in black, and will list for $36.99 (Buy for $35!)! Look for update on site soon as well!

All for now Pen Pals! See you next month!



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