Summer Summary! (Federalist Pens Papers#20)

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Federalist Pens Papers#20
Summer Summary!
What a summer it has been! Here it is- September Already! A lot has been going on since I last wrote in late July! We celebrated our third Anniversary here at Fed Pens, attended Three Pen Shows, said goodbye to a beloved Pen Pal, and celebrated another milestone year with Robert Oster Inks! 
We are now beginning our 4th year at Federalist Pens! I created a new and improved store site with the Shopify Platform! Not only is it a better shopping experience for you, but an even better "back office" for me as well! It is a lot better to promote items, list new items, and set up site discounts and sales! We began advertising in "The Pennant" (PCA Club Magazine). Look for "The One Man Pen Store" to continue to offer great deals to Pen Pals this coming year!
In July, we attended our first Miami Pen Show. I would like to say that this was a great show..
I Cannot, because we lost a beloved Pen Pal in The Community- Jim Rouse. (RIP Jim Rouse)
The show was well attended, and I am looking forward to next year's show there! August saw both the DC Supershow, and the San Francisco Pen Show. San Fran was my first West Coast Pen Show! We went by train to this show; had a blast getting there- as well as being there! (See my pics at my Instagram and Facebook feeds @federalistpens)
Oster Scarlet
This summer also saw another SE "Frankly" color from Robert Oster Inks! This year- I created "Frankly Scarlet" with Rob! I was going for a "Gone With The Wind" theme on this color! I also got our friend- Craig Williams (CW Customs- @cwcustoms) to paint a picture of her in the "Scarlet" dress (Using the ink itself in the painting)! It has been a great two years helping Rob Oster succeed in the US (Second Anniversary Color)! I was proud to be his first US Dealer! I also want to acknowledge, and publicly again thank, Ana Reinert (@wellappointeddesk) for buying the first bottle of ink from me at the 2016 DC Pen Show (Oster Aqua- she waited for me to unpack them!). Her review of that ink, and later "Fire and Ice", helped catapult Robert Oster in the US Market! Oster now has over 100 colors, and sells in the US thru 10+ dealers! Order your Gold Cap bottle of Frankly Blue, or Frankly Scarlet here: 
September Pen Shows
Next weekend sees two great pen shows occurring- The Dallas Pen Show, and The Commonwealth Pen Show (Boston Show). Fed Pens will be at the Boston Show- We will have 4 tables of new and vintage pens, ink, refills, paper, and accessories! This will be our second Boston Show!!
(People are always like- "you sell vintage"?? I'm like YEAH! Did you forget who I am, and how this all started? I sold vintage on the forums and such 5+ years before even thinking about retail! It was fees and greed that caused FRANK/frankiex to go retail, and eventually become "Federalist Frank"!) ;-)  
Look for more show info here (See You Next Weekend in Boston!):
Pelikan Hubs 2018
We are also less than two weeks away from the 2018 Pelikan hubs! The event will be Friday- 8/21 at 6:30PM local time in your designated hub region! I am the Philadelphia Hub Master. I am going to my third hub, and looking forward to our new location (registered attendees have been notified)!
I will be donating a StolaIII FP for a giveaway (Donated one of these last year as well)! Pelikan will also have a "Goodie" Bag for the registered attendees. I am also hopeful that the new Olivine Pens will be available in time for the event! Looking forward to my first hub as Hub Master! ;-)
New! Girologio Leather Products!
Our friend, and Pen Pal, Mario Campa has launched his own pen case brand- Girologio! Made of fine leather, Girologio products include pen cases, organizers, and desk pads/blotters! Unique items include a 96-Pen Case with carry handles, and corrugated design that allows it to "lie flat" (Great for displaying pens!), and the Desk Pad/Blotter (shown below)! See Girologio Products here:
All for now Pen Pals! Till the Next Fed Pens Paper! Frank- Federalist Pens 

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