(New) Epitome 20-Count Storage Box

  • $80.00

Fountain Pens have always been a priceless possession to collector's. Storing these writing instruments at a specific place for your everyday carry use or even on the move is crucial. Introducing, one of its kind, the simple and sleek Epitome 20 Fountain Pen Leather-Like Storage Box.

The storage box has room for 20 pens - 10 pens in two trays with one tray being removable. The frame of the collector's box is made of sturdy MDF covered which in turn is protected by a layer of high-quality PU leather. To avoid scratches on the writing instruments, the inside is completed covered with ivory-creamy soft premium velvet. An Epitome logo can be found embossed on the very bottom of the box. 

Each collector's box is packaged securely with a corrugated box and shipped securely via express delivery.  

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