(New!) Visconti 50ml Ink Collection

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Visconti is delighted to announce the launch of their new 2022 inkwell collection. For the first time in nearly a decade the Visconti team presents an entirely new ink bottle, combining a more stable design with groundbreaking functionality. The new bottles are made from high quality reinforced glass and have been redesigned to offer aesthetic appeal as well as improved stability when resting on a desk. The bottles also feature an innovative new ink collection system which enables the user to collect every drop of ink inside the bottle.

The new inkwell has been completely redesigned using a bottom-heavy hourglass shape. Made from extremely heat-resistant glass, the new inkwell will remain steady on any user's writing surface, without the risk of tipping and spilling.

The Visconti team has developed a new ink collection system. Inside the cap sits a convenient cylinder designed to collect the necessary amount of ink for refilling your pen even when ink is running low. When the user properly seals the ink bottle and tips it upside down, the cylinder fills with ink, thus avoiding waste and ensuring a uniform fill for each individual use.

The new inkwells are launched in six classic Visconti colors; three cool tones in blues and green, two warm tones in red and sepia, and classic black.

Each bottle holds 50ml of the highest quality Italian made ink, ensuring incredibly fluid ink flow. 

The cap of each ink bottle is topped with a Bakelite cap in the matching ink color. Each bottle of ink is presented in fine Italian made packaging.

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