Dee Charles Leather Collection

Our Story

Dee Charles Designs was created by two passionate individuals who love fine writing instruments and the art of handwriting in this digital age.

With our society’s immeasurable influx and dependability on electronics and technology, the written word has become a lost art during the last decade. It seems as our digital world continues to expand and progress, that you, and other lovers of fine writing instruments, are becoming more and more passionately captivated with the art of writing. Using a fountain pen or calligraphy pen on good, old fashioned, high-quality paper, helps to bring that small, familiar sense of times long past.

When you put pen and pencil to paper, we, at Dee Charles Designs, are motivated to come up with the unique products and designs. Our hope is to help continue this anti-digital trend in the world today. People find joy, value and purpose in putting their stories, personal histories, notes and letters to paper. The written word tells a story about a person and relays their feelings, trust and love clearly. Feelings that are much harder to express with an e-mail, text, or post.

We do our best to make our products out of the finest materials we can offer. We hope to encourage and represent the purpose and love the written word can have in one’s life.

The rest of the story behind our name, Dee Charles Designs, is that it comes from our personal families and heritages. Each name represents all that America has to offer and are the epitome of hard work, dependability, trust, faith, and love of family.


Dee was a hard working farmer from a small town who took pride in his trade and loved his family. He worked side by side, both on the farm and as a brick mason, with his brothers. Dee never let anything slow him down. In his early 30’s he had accident that broke his leg, crippling him for the rest of his life. Despite this debilitating disability, he continued to farm and work until he retired in his mid 60s. He taught his sons to work hard and to always put in an honest day’s work. This ethic has been passed through the generations to his posterity today.


Charles was the middle name of a kind, loving man, who lived in a small rural Western American town. There he raised his family, tended to his beautiful garden and cultivated his peach, apple, and cherry trees. As a mechanic and entrepreneur, he owned his own small mechanics garage on Main Street. Charles was known for his charity and generosity. He was known to often help those who needed his services, but who didn’t have the means to pay them. He loved his family, his faith, sports, and his country. He worked hard and died, well into his 80’s, as a man loved by all who knew him.

We each carry one of these names as our own middle names. We are proud of the legacy we carry, not only of our names, but also of the exceptional products Dee Charles Designs has to offer. We hope that our products will encourage you to keep writing in order to tell your own story, and to help others carry on your legacy one day.