Happy New Year! (2022/2023 Edition)

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Happy New Year 2023!

Greetings and Best Wishes to You and Yours for 2023! 2022 was an interesting year for me at Fed Pens! It was as close to a "normal" year as I had seen since 2019! All 18 Pen Shows ran this past year- and we did a record 13 of them! My Pen show Calendar included all shows "East of the Mississippi" (St Louis too!), and the new Orlando Pen Show this past September! Orlando was well run for a "First Year Show", and we look forward to returning this year! The first show of 2023 is TWO WEEKS AWAY- Our "Home Show" in Philly (Philly Pen Show- www.phillypenshow.com)! More on shows later in this blog!

Fortunately, I was able to expand my brand and product base in 2022. A lot of new brands were added to the store this past year! Most Notably: 

-Dee Charles Leather

-Galen Leather

-Col-O-Ring Products

-Midori Paper/Journals

-Odyssey Notebooks

-Paperblanks Journals

-Sailor Pens/Inks!

I was very pleased to add both Galen Leather, and Sailor Pens to my product line this past year! I now offer "The Big 3" in both Asian Pens (Pilot/Platinum/Sailor), and leather pen cases (Dee Charles/Galen/Girologio)!  Most of these brands are already listed on the site (others will be updated soon/"Ask Me"About Availability!)! All the paper brands at my site are "Ink Friendly" (save one that is a fan favorite for their covers/etc..)! We also offer both 52gsm and 68gsm Tomoe River Paper from Odyssey, Nebula Notes, Endless Brands, and SakaeTP (Black Cover Tomoe River). As I mentioned before- as long as I can source original TR paper- I will continue to offer it!


(Photo credit- NBC #organizedcrime)

Today starts a new year- a new list of requirements and pricing policies from many of our brands and distributors. The truth is that resources, and manufacturing of products from them, have increased in price. Most major brands have increased the prices of pens 10-20% this month/year! This burden does get passed on to the customer, with shipping costs being no exception. The rising postal prices have also caused me to "join the others" in raising the threshold of "Free Shipping" to $75. Updated details on this can be found at the site- www.federalistpens.com


2023 Philly Pen Show

As mentioned above- The Philadelphia Pen Show is two weeks away- January 13-15th at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel
(201 North 17th Street – Philadelphia)! Our friends at Franklin-Christoph continue to host this great venue! More info at: www.phillypenshow.com

The Philly Show kicks off the 2023 Pen Venue Circuit- with 18 Shows scheduled again this year. expect to see Federalist Pens attending 12 of them (depending on schedule dates/conflicts- we already have 2 shows that I attend scheduled the same weekend)!



All for now Pen Pals! Happy 2023!!

Frank Limper- Fed Pens




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