Happy New Year 2020! (Federalist Pens Papers #26)

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Happy New Year!

First off, I want to wish you well! I want to apologize for not writing most of last year! I have been very busy- More than 10 Pen Shows, Frequent weekend Pop-Up Shop adventures, and the many new brands introduced this past year! In just over 4 years, I have grown to more than 40 brands! Your support has helped my little "Hobby to Business" Venture grow dramatically! 

I have collected pens to some degree my entire life. I did not get into FPs though until I started teaching (My Dad was only into BP/RB Pens when I was young, so I had no guidance on FPs until about 15 years ago....When I met FP Users, and discovered "The Community"!). After several years of collecting, running pen forum(s), and selling vintage on eBay/Pen Forums, I decided to begin selling pens as a retailer! (The above pic is from my first Pen Show as a retailer- DC 2015!)

My business has grown from only a handful of vendors, and a couple of tables, to over 40+ Brands! I continue to attend more pen shows, run events in the Philly Area for the Pen Club/Pelikan Hub, and run Pop-Up ventures (and maybe something more permanent in the future)! 

Brands added in 2019 include Colorverse Ink, OPUS88, Magna Carta, Constellations88, Endless Journals, BENU Pens, and Visconti Pens! I am the only US Dealer for Constellations88 Pens! Check out the December Issue of  "Pen World" for more information on these great pens! ("Trends in 2020")

My pen shows now involve four tables- this has been going on for 2+ years now. Not everyone has paid attention to this fact until recently. I like four tables, and will continue to work with this manageable amount of space! You can expect me to continue to attend all East Coast Pen Shows, and many shows across the country(11 in 2019/12 planned in 2020!)!

It is not by accident that I cautiously grow, move forward, run Pop-Up Stores, attend shows, and buy products as the business grows. As my base grows, I will continue to put more of my resources into this venture. I continue to count on you to make this progress possible! If you have been working with me these past few years, you are aware of my great deals, support, and love of our mutual hobby! 😉

Here's to 2020, and beyond!


Philly Pen Show!

Next weekend is the 2020 Philly Pen Show! This is my "Home Show"! Looking forward to this fun event! I will be there in the first aisle with my four tables of product- Pens, Paper, Refills, Ink, Paper, Cases and Accessories!

More Details Here- www.philadelphiapenshow.com

See you at the show! Frank

New Products

There were a lot of new models in 2019. Expect that trend to continue in 2020! The hobby is strong, and pen makers know it! You can pretty much name the brand, and chances are a new product came out in the last quarter, or will this quarter! 

A New Series of Duraflex model from Conklin is going to debut at the Philly Show! The Pens are known as Fire, Earth, and Water! The pens will come with a nib that corresponds with the trim color, and will still list for $75! 

All for now Pen Pals! See you at a show soon!


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  • Hope you have a wonderful New Year and Happy Pen Hunting :)

    BigBad Brad on

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