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Greeting Fellow Pen Pals-

I wanted to update you on the situation regarding the virus, and the steps I am taking to work during the crisis. In short- I am an online, one-man shop. My operation is home based. My "warehouse" is home, and it is cleaned, sanitized, and well maintained.

Being a teacher by profession - has made me a semi "Clean Freak" over the years. Hand sanitizer is my best friend. I carry a bottle at all times, and I use it frequently! 

If you place an order on the site- every step will be taken to fulfill it as quickly as possible. I ship via USPS by Priority Mail. I do this all online, at my home. Packages are dropped off by me pre-paid at my local Post Office (I do not make contact with mail clerks). My drop-Stop (store address) is the Cherry Hill UPS Store, where I can count on items being delivered. This entity is essential, and will remain open per NJ restrictions. I sanitize after any and all of these encounters.

I am allowed to conduct business in the State of New Jersey (Home Bound "Online Only"),  and will continue to do so...

Feel free to message me on Social Media, Directly at the site, or call me toll free at 866-746-4900 with any questions. Be Well, and Be Safe!

Thank You!

Frank Limper Jr

Federalist Pens

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  • Thank You for reading the above Blog (Technically Federalist Pens Papers#27)!
    Not to sound insensitive, but it is “Business as Usual” here for all intents and purposes. We all just need to be a little more careful, and responsible! Stay safe, be safe, and stay well! Regards, Frank

    Frank on

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