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Warm Holiday greetings to you and yours! Hope Christmas and Hanukkah found you and your family well (We celebrate both in our home)! I have a lot to be thankful for- including you! Your support and store loyalty are very important to me! I work hard online, and at pen shows to earn that support and trust!

In just over three years, we have grown to 30 brands of Pens, Inks, Paper, and Pen Accessories! Choose from more than 20 pen brands, A dozen Ink brands, 5 paper brands, Both Girologio and Laban pen case brands, Amodex Brand Ink Stain Removal Products, Schmidt Brand Refills, etc.. The list seems to go on and on! 

We are still growing! I am working on bringing some independent pen makers into the fold! If you know me (and the forum I used to run- Fountain Pen Community), you are aware of my affinity for pen makers! Many of the makers that you know and appreciate posted some of their early projects on that forum. Like me, many of them took a chance, and turned a passionate hobby into a budding business opportunity! I do not make them myself, but I own a custom pen or two! ;-) 

Read on for this, and other surprises coming to Federalist Pens in 2019! Frank

 POP-UP Store Coming Soon!

I am working on setting up a Pop-UP store most weekends in 2019! I will be posting about this very shortly! This space will be rented from a very respected Cherry Hill location. I am still surprised that this opportunity came up! I never would have guessed that this entity would rent their own store space to retailers! I can tell you that this location is VERY appropriate for a store like mine- one that is history inspired, and sells pen and paper products! Stay tuned for an announcement next month! I will also announce this next month at our home based Philadelphia Pen Show! I look forward to serving the Delaware Valley (Philly Region) in person most weekends in 2019! Many of the brands I carry consider Fed Pens their Philadelphia Authorized Dealer!

 2019 Philadelphia Pen Show

My next "Home Show"- The Philadelphia Pen Show- will be back at the Hotel201 (Formerly The Sheraton/Previous venue) next month on Jan 11-13th! To me, the two small ballrooms combined seemed larger that the last location at The Westin. The bigger bonus is the reduced parking!  There is a public lot across the street! The weekend rate is $7 (Much better than $40), and you can park there Sat or Sun at that rate! I will again have 4 tables set up in the ballroom! Stop by to see and demo our latest products; learn about my new physical pop-up store in Cherry Hill, NJ- just a 15 minute (7 mile) drive from Center City across from the Ben Franklin Bridge! Show Link- 

New Products!

Platinum: The Holiday picture above says it all! The two newest 3776 Century FPs are here- Laurel Green and Chenonceau White! These colors join the standard line of the 3776 pens! Available in Nibs from EF-B.

Constellations 88: I wrote above that I was bringing independent, small, notable pen makers to the states! After trying this previously with limited success, I have found a couple brands that I know will be a hit! One of these, Constellations 88, will be the first in the store! I friended Victor Racco on social media, and got an opportunity to test drive a pen this past Fall! This pen was also reviewed by one of my pals- Eric Aycock (aka- Pengeek13)! Look for stock to arrive (store update) in time for the Philly Pen Show! 

 Conklin: I am pleased to present the latest Crescent Filler Model- The LE 120th Anniversary Models! These numbered edition models come in 3 colors (Blue, Red, and Orange), and has the popular Black Omniflex nib (made popular on the black Duraflex Pen earlier this year!). Each color is limited to just 120 of each! YES- only 360 total pens of this model are available! 


You can see that 2019 IS going to be VERY exciting around here!

Happy New Year! Frank- Federalist Pens

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