The Federalist Pens Papers #30 (5th Anniversary!)

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5th Anniversary!

It's hard to believe that five years have gone by already! I am so proud of what I have been able to accomplish in the past few years. I have grown from a handful of brands to over 40 brands since 2015. I am still a "One Man Pen Shop", and continue to grow my little corner of the Pen Bizz World!

Enter Code "Fifth" at Checkout all July to Save 10% More on any purchase! "Fifth" joins over 10 more 10% Off Codes all over Pendom for my site! It's my way of supporting the hobby, and "The Community"!

I keep saying that it is just me, but my family helps out everyday! My brother is a fixture at pen shows, offering his support and help. My girlfriend ("Gife") Nadine helps with merchandising, and my Dad also frequents shows from time to time!

In 2014, after collecting and selling vintage for years on Forums and eBay, I came up with the crazy idea of selling pens as a retailer. I was tired of the fees between the above mentioned avenues, and felt that I was ready to "Swim with The Sharks"! It took several months- well into 2015 before it came together. After some early name choices that would cause some legal issues, I settled on "Fed Pens" (I was trying to keep my love of History in mind). So that is when the site launched (July 2015). "Federalist Frank" was an "In Your Face" decision, in response to the Social Media Platform that name existed on- After a "Form" email instructed me to "Tie" my Bizz Page to a personal page. That nickname wound up more popular than the store name. Realizing that the name may not have been the best choice, I went back to my own names (First and Middle- I was also "FrankieX" on FPN for years prior- Frank on most other forums)

There is a lot of competition in our hobby. I learned even more that "Pen Pals" are a passionate group. I learned that dealers form a bond that is more like a brotherhood. We eat, hang out, and drink at the same venue, and early friendships have evolved even more as a fellow dealer. You need to "Hang Out" after hours at a show sometime- it is quite an experience!


Frank Limper- Owner


 #Pens in The Pipline!

Perhaps the biggest news in pens this Summer (Aside from Pen Show Cancellations), is the announcement of Visconti Nibs! YES! Visconti now has their Own 18k Nibs! An engineering feat, as well as a smart economic move, Visconti will have direct control over nib quality. The first pen to carry the "In-House" Nib- is the new Opera Master Polynesia!

  More Info Here-

Direct Quote from Visconti via Coles of London (US Distributor):

"After more than 30 years of continuous research to perfect the design and engineering of writing instruments, Visconti is proudly announcing a new in-house nib completely designed and made by the Visconti team. This means the production of the entire nib unit: the feed, the nib housing and the nib itself. This important step will allow Visconti to fully customize and complete the in-house production of every Visconti pen. Bringing to the collector a complete 'Made in Florence' writing experience."

Larry's Fountain Pens

Many of you know Larry Berrones (Larry's Fountain Pens) from his famous YouTube Channel! If you do not, you are missing a wealth of Pen Passion, Knowledge, and enthusiastic Pen Reviews! Larry and I started collaborating this year, and already I have been featured twice on his video channel! This past weekend, I was afforded the pleasure of having my own "Virtual Pen Show"          on his channel:

Here I feature Pens from Pelikan, Pineider, Diplomat, and Esterbrook! A quick lesson on different versions/models of Pelikan FPs, as well as info on vintage Esterbrook nibs, and how they can fit the modern "Estie" Model!


Thank You Very Much for reading! I appreciate all of You!

Until Next Time- Fed Pens #31!

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