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What's Going On At Fed Pens??

I have not posted a new blog since early January. I have been very busy this year- getting back to pen shows, growing the shop, and adding new brands! I hope that 2022 has treated you well, and you and yours have been safe!

There have been five pen shows already this year (I have attended three of them- Philly, Baltimore, and Atlanta). The full show schedule is ready for this year with 18 total shows. This is a full schedule, with half of the US Pen Shows along the East Coast (We attend all 9 of these shows!). We will be attending ten more shows this year- including the new Orlando Pen Show in September! The Long Island Pen Show is also running- rescheduled for October at Hofstra University. The next show is next weekend at Chicago! I will be sponsoring door prizes at that show! Looking forward to seeing Pen Pals there again! Info here-

I have already added Dee Charles Leather, Midori Paper, Bastion Pens, and "Handwriting Help" Products to the store. I am also bringing Leonardo Pens into my shop! I'm proud to add this family brand of hand-made Italian pens to the store! I am also in talks with another popular brand of pen and ink products(hint- it starts with an "S"). More on that brand soon! ;-)

New Products!

I cannot brag enough about these new cases from Dee Charles Leather! Leather cases with flaps, and a protective inner sleeve with a center tension band. This band locks your pens securely in place! These are the best value in pen cases currently on the market IMO (Do You Remember the "Pen Guardian" Cases??). I have been carrying Girologio Products since 2018, and am pleased that our vendor LBA now represents both of these popular leather brands! Shop leather products here- Shop All Leather Products – Federalist Pens and Paper

Pelikan M605 Black Tortoise!

Pelikan again dazzles collectors with the latest M6xx edition FP- Black Tortoise! With a fair USD list price at $690- this pen will come in about $550 sale price ($552)! The pen is expected to arrive late May! 

FYI- I have also been assured by Chartpak that Germany has told them to prepare to receive Hub related products! YES- The 2022 Hubs are scheduled to run- more on that as emails are posted! I am planning to continue my role as host (Hubmaster) for the Philly Hub Event!


New Today- Visconti Inks (New Bottles!)

Visconti now offers their traditional inks in user-friendly 50ml glass bottles! The bottles will be (half) hour-glass "Bottom Heavy" shaped, with an inner well to ensure you get the last drop out! List price will be $35 for six colors (Black/Blue/Red/Green/Sepia/Turquoise).   Shop Here:  (New!) Visconti 50ml Ink Collection – Federalist Pens and Paper

Tomoe River Update:

We all know now that this paper is being phased out. That being said- I have found another source for the SakaeTP Journals/Pads (Original TR 52GSM Paper). I now have 3 sources for this paper/pads made in Japan directly by SakaeTP! My third source has allowed me to offer more sizes in the journals! I now have A5, A6 and the pocket A7 size journal! As long as I can buy the original paper- I will offer it to You! Find them here- Tomoe River Paper Products – Federalist Pens and Paper


 Final Thoughts

Everyone is aware that I deal with makers and vendors all over the world. I did not get as far as I have at this point, by making poor buying decisions. I buy from authorized US vendors (as ALL US Dealers are required to do), but that does not prevent me from buying unique products around the world (remember that this is why ROS is here and thriving in the US today!). I work for you- Pen Pals! If there is a unique product that I should carry- let me know!

All for now- talk sooner than later! Happy Collecting!






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