Summer 2021- Return of Pen Shows, and Pen Friends! (#37)

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Pen Shows/Pen Friends!

The DC Show this month marked the third show back in 2021. We were fortunate enough to make the other two as well! The Raleigh Show back in June marked the first show back since Long Island 2020 (Little Rock Show was same weekend) in March! It had been 15 months since the Pen Community was able to be together again! So Far, each show has been better than the previous one! 

There will be 7 shows remaining this year, starting with San Francisco next weekend. Fed Pens will be attending 4 of them (Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and Columbus) this year! Looking forward to attending our first Chicago Pen Show in October! The support and cooperation at the shows have been amazing! Everyone has been following local guidelines for masking, and Social Distancing. 

Among new "Pen Friends" at shows is Pilot USA. Pilot USA is under new management, and they are becoming very proactive in the hobby! They have attended all three pen shows, and have offered support and information to dealers and show visitors. We had the pleasure of meeting Sean McWilliams (GM of Business Development- Pilot USA) at Raleigh, and have come to know him well since the other shows. We have dined with Sean and his team at every event. Sean also gave my family and me a personal tour of Pilot USA at their Jacksonville Headquarters after the Miami Pen Show last month! Pictures and Video of this can be found on my Social Media pages..

Look for more information/reviews of future shows this year in upcoming posts! More surprises, reviews, and interviews in store!  (You know I try not to constantly "Bombard" you with Newsletters-   I like my "every other month" approach to Blogging! ) 

Seasonal Shop Coming Back Soon!

Got you attention? Notice I did not call it a "Pop Up Shop" This time... I showed my Instagram pics/videos to a vendor recently (mentioned above), and he responded "That is NOT a Pop-Up Shop Frank"!  It's also amazing how some people (including vendors) believe that I am running a Kiosk in the middle of a mall!  I have ALWAYS been too big to run out of a Kiosk! This is actually why I had to stop running #pensatthelibrary as of 2019. The mall is working on finding me yet another location for this Holiday Season (The store I was in this past year is committed, and the original Pop-Up location is too small!).  I now come to pen shows with 5 tables (as much as $100k) of authorized merchandise! I represent 50 brands, and more than 20 Distributors/vendors! I bring even more items to my Seasonal Shop! If you are NOT Shopping/Buying from me, you could be missing out on some good deals! I will keep you updated on my location and dates in future posts- #pensatthemall #PREITMalls #MoorestownMall!

For an In-depth, Fair Walk-Thru of my Tables- check out both "Fountain Pen Fanatic" (Troy L), and "An Ink Guy" (Adam F) YouTube Channels!


Two exciting pen brands here/Coming Soon!

-Click Pens

Recently added to the site is Click Pens from India. Harsh Gagwani is part of a pen making family that has been making pens for nearly 40 years! I started my relationship with Click with the Renaissance FP Line- an elegant looking pen for only $45US! Available in multiple colors and nib sizes! It has been well received, and reviewed (Troy L "Fountain Pen Fanatic", and Larry B "Larry's Fountain Pens" both a a review of this model on their YouTube Channels)! 


  Coming Soon!

I am very pleased to be adding Retro51 Pens to The Federalist Pens Family! My family and I have known this brand for 20 years (All of us have at least 1 Tornado RB Pen- some long discontinued!)! As I write this Blog- I have finalized my first order with them, and shipment will arrive this week! The site will be updated shortly (You are the FIRST to Hear about it!) ;-) 

Other Exciting Pen Items!

Diplomat Pens- An exciting new model- Elox Ring!

This model is totally new! Still an aluminum pen (like the Aero), but the rings are "Grooved" to give you a very tactile feel to this new pen! Available only in Orange trim (for now)- Same nibs as Aero and Excellence pen models! They debuted at the 2021 DC Supershow- In Stock Now!


Visconti Pens- New Homo Sapiens Ultramarine Blue!

Also brand new (In stock now!) is the latest Homo Sapiens Colors FP- Ultramarine Blue! This exciting blue color joins the Blizzard, Inferno, and Sandstorm FP line! I saw the prototype of this pen at the DC show.. Fortunately- they came in last week, and my order was shipped immediately! Our Friend Larry Berrones (Larry's Fountain Pens) did a great review of this pen as well- catch it here:


All for now Pen Pals! Look for my next Blog Oct/Nov for news about Products and my Seasonal Store! Expect my own YouTube Channel to be more active in the coming weeks! ;-)




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