Anniversary Sale! (Fed Pens#36)

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It's our 6th Anniversary Sale! It's hard to believe my corner of the (Retail) pen world is 6 years old! When I first discovered the (Fountain) Pen Community 15 years ago (I've collected BP/RB Pens far longer..), little did I know I would be turning my "re-found" hobby into a FT Business Venture! I am grateful to so many people- customers, distributors, makers, and even fellow dealers for welcoming me in to this close knit community of Pen Pals! I've come a long way from the above pic- 2 tables at the 2015 DC Pen Show, where my retail venture began with only 2 tables, 12 brands, and 5 distributors! (Now 5 tables, 50 Brands, and 20+ Distributors, Wholesalers, and Makers!)

During the month of July- use discount code "Anniversary" at Checkout to save 10% more on a purchase at the site! Offer is good on any sale (even discount and closeout items)! The 2021 DC Show is A GO- it will mark the start of year 7 in business as a pen retailer! I am grateful, and thankful to each and all of you! 

Frank Limper Jr. Owner/Franklin Xavier Group LLC (Federalist Pens)


Pen Shows

The Triangle Pen Show (Raleigh, NC) began the pen show circuit for 2021. It went along great (Better than anyone expected IMO)! Aside from the suffering and tragedy of the pandemic, everyone was upbeat, and the show well-attended. Restrictions were reduced in NC (Masks were only required for those unvaccinated), and all were happy to be back at a show! 

Miami Pen Show is next in 2 weeks- July 16-18. We will again attend this well run local show. The South Florida Pen Club is a passionate group, and this show is a hit for all who make the trip! For more info-

For many, the 2021 DC Pen Supershow will be the first show back for 2021. The show will run August 6-8 (Public Show August 7&8) at the same venue it has been in recent years (I am looking forward to my 6th DC Show as a retailer- starting my 7th year in business/no 2020 show of course). Items of interest include:

-ROS "Frankly Fifth" Ink (Fed Pens Own- along with Frankly Blue, Green, and Scarlet!)

-Ayush Paper (100gsm Ink Friendly paper from India)

-Tomoe River 52gsm Pads/Journals

-Magna Carta Pens

-"Click" Brand Pens

-Constellations88 Pens (Celluloid Piston-Fillers)

-Federalist Pens "FP" stamped/logo Bock Nibs (many custom ground by "Nibgrinder")

-Fed Pens "Founding Fathers" Pens handmade by Alan Shaw (Shaw Pens)

-Vintage Nibs, Parts, and Pens (items I only offer at pen shows! No time to post at site! LOL!)

-Handmade Indian Ebonite Pens- along with a variety of nib options (More on these another time..)

-Stay Tuned! You never know what I will offer next! ;-)


All for now Pen Pals! Until the next announcement! Frank





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