Federalist Pens Papers#34 (New Brands/Products!)

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Store News

Federalist Pens continues to bring you new products and features! This year- we added Quadpay, along with PayPal's "Pay in 4" feature! Both allow you to spread your purchases over four easy payments. Dealers get paid ahead in full, while both entities charge your credit card merchant four equal payments. 

We also added a "Subscription" Service for both Inks, Ink Samples, and Stationery! Like Samples? We allow you to buy your first samples- then 30 days later, get different colors from the same brand thru the "Rapid Refill" Program! You can also do this with bottled inks! Even more- you can buy Notepads/Notebooks, and get a "Refill" every 90 days! It's our way of keeping you well-inked, and well stocked! ;-)

#pensatthemall continues to thrive, despite the safety concerns facing a mall location during a pandemic. The mall, itself, is a "Megasite" in NJ for the Covid-19 vaccination (I myself got the first injection there last month- looking forward to #2 later this month!), and is well visited on the weekends! Look for me to continue operating my long-term "Pop-Up" location there this year!

The store will be open the weekend of March 26-28 this month- Call/Email for more information!


Product News

There was a price increase on many models from Platinum Pens effective March 1st. The products affected include Procyon, Curidas, and President Model Pens (which saw the biggest increase due to the spike in gold prices). Diplomat Pens (Germany) has also informed YAFA Brands that there will be a similar price increase in their products April 1st. YAFA has advised dealers to "Stock Up" to avoid these price increases. I fully expect most brands to increase prices this year due to Gold/Silver/Platinum spikes, as well as an increase in labor and materials. 

I am pleased to announce that Girologio Leather products are back in stock! We have been waiting for some SKU's since December (Before XMAS)! Oxblood cases in all modes are here- and ready to be shipped! Also here are the very popular Girologio Desk Pads. There are 10+ colors to choose from! Visit- https://federalistpens.com/collections/girologio-products-new to view our Girologio Products!

New Models/#pensinthepipeline!

Lamy- New Colors in both the Tipo Metal RB Pen, and the long-awaited "Tribute" Colors for the Safari Line are here! The Safari line has brought back both the Savannah(Green) and Terra (Terracotta/Burnt Orange) colors to its' FP/RB/BP Product Line. Tipo models feature both the familiar Petrol, and Copper-Orange finishes (shown).



Pilot- The Custom74 model line finally has a rich, dark green finish! The Forrest Green model is here ready to be shipped! I also wanted to inform you that Pilot (Japan) intends to discontinue both the Orange, and the Violet color in the Custom74 line. You should buy from existing dealer stock- while supplies are available.


Visconti- 2 New Great Products are coming soon! Both are Demo Models of the very popular Homo Sapiens models! First is the new "Stone" Collection of the HS Product line. Choose Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald Finishes! 

A new LE Homo Sapiens pen is also available to pre-order: The Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills Ed FP/RB Pen. Following the success of the "Blue Lagoon" Pen, this model features rich green tones. 

Pre-Order Both Models Here- https://federalistpens.com/collections/visconti-pens-new


NEW Brands!

Look for these new brands to be added to the store/site in the coming quarter (some stock is already here! I really should hire a web catalogue specialist!) ;-) 

-Tibaldi Pens (Now distributed by YAFA Brands)

-Waldmann Pens (Now distributed by LBA/Look for an upcoming Zoom with me, and Larry's Fountain Pens, featuring Luxury Brands USA (LBA))

-Otto Hutt Pens (Now distributed by Kenro Industries)

All for now Pen Pals! See you on a Zoom, at my Pop-Up, or messenger chat at my site soon!

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