Federalist Pens Papers #32 (New Products!)

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Still Online Only-Still Growing!

Greetings Pen Pals! It has been a tough year.. Covid19 is a concern, and we express our best wishes for everyone's health and safety! The last 2020 pen show to run (with no interruption) was the Long Island Show back in March, and all shows since then have been cancelled. The Detroit Pen Show is still on the schedule for November, but that looks unlikely given the situation. It is quite possible the first show back could be either Baltimore or Long Island in March(One Full Year!)!

Most stores/dealers have adapted. Online sales are growing! Many have looked to other sales sources (eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc..) for new business. Many are still managing to grow/add products- Fed Pens is no exception! This year we have added Caran d'Ache, Mazzuoli (Back again in the US!), and my collaboration with Shaw Pens (Founding Fathers' BP Pens). We have added our own FP Nibs- some are custom ground by Nibgrinder (Mark B.)! We have added Paper/Journals from Leuchtturm1917, Nuuna, and Fiorentina Leather! Ink brands added include 3Oyster and Caran d'Ache! Don't forget my latest Rober Oster exclusive- "Frankly Fifth" (Celebrating Fed Pens 5th Anniversary!)!

I thank you for your patronage and business these past five years, and look forward to serving you in-person at an event in the future!



Latest Products!

VISCONTI- Continuing to amaze the Pen Community- Visconti releases the latest Homo Sapiens Collection for pre-order- Colors Collection! 3 Colors will decorate the much loved volcanic lava pens- with choices in Red, Tan, and White. These pens will feature Visconti's NEW in-house 14k nibs! These nibs will most likely be featured on all Homo-Sapiens pens moving forward. Pre-Order Now! https://cxm2f7j9fb29ht7v-7335149625.shopifypreview.com/collections/visconti-pens-new/products/pre-order-visconti-homo-sapiens-fp-colors-collection


ESTERBROOK- Perhaps the news/Info everyone has been waiting for! Finally- a pen that pays homage to the original "J" Pen- The Estie JR Pen ("J" Revised)! This pen really does remind you of the original pen, and not just in size! The Clip has the famous look of the J. There are "jewels" at the end of the cap and barrel that remind you of the original "Jewels" on the J Pen! The new pen comes in three color choices- Carmine Red, Capri Blue, and Tuxedo Black (The Capri has gold plated trim)! The #5 JOWO Nibs come in XF/F/M/B/Stub, and the "Journaler" Nib from Custom Nib Studio! In Stock Now! https://cxm2f7j9fb29ht7v-7335149625.shopifypreview.com/collections/esterbrook-pens-new/products/new-model-esterbrook-jr-fp-collection


LABAN- Laban has just released its' own line of FP Inks! The "Greek Gods" Ink series features five great colors- each named after a famous God of Greek Mythology! Choose Artemis (Navy Blue), Poseidon (Aqua Green), Aphrodite (Pink), Demeter (Brown), and Apollo (Orange). Inks come in the standard 50ml bottle, and Fed Pens also offers these ink in 4ml samples! Now in Stock! These inks are very nice- some even more dark than the box color! Order Now!                 https://cxm2f7j9fb29ht7v-7335149625.shopifypreview.com/products/new-laban-fp-inks


All for now Pen Pals! Stay tuned for the next article! Frank

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