(New!) Sailor 1911L Ringless Galaxy FP Collection!

  • $260.00
  • Save $65

The stars have aligned at Sailor to bring forth the next stellar offering, the "1911 Ringless Galaxy" collection.

 Cosmic Features:


  • Lustrous Metallic Finish: A sleek complement to the pen's celestial aesthetics in five galactic colors. Each one contains silver glitter in the barrel, alluding to the stars in the night sky.
  • Astronomical Hues: Choose from the galaxy-inspired shades: the deep crimson of "Orion," lustrous amethyst of "Magellanic Clouds," vivid teal of "Crab Nebula,” deep navy of "Pleiades," and the shining amber of "Andromeda."
  • Black Ion-Plated Trim and Nib: Precision writing meets exquisite elegance. The 21k solid gold nib, clip, and trim are all black ion-plated for a dark yet super premium and classy look.
  • Ringless: The new ringless addition to the Sailor line is the size of a Sailor 1911L, but without the metallic ring at the base of the cap. This design creates a simple elegance that draws your eyes to the beautiful color of each pen.


Elevate your collection and delight pen enthusiasts with this celestial marvel, not available in Japan. With an enticing MSRP of $325, the least expensive 21k Sailor pen introduced in years, and three popular nib sizes to choose from (F, MF, M), each pen promises to deliver not just a writing experience but a journey through the cosmos. 


-Magellanic Clouds

-Crab Nebula




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