(New!) Sailor Cylint BP Pen! (Black/Patina)

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CYLINT represents a fresh and distinct pen design from Sailor, breaking away from the conventional 1911 or Pro Gear models. The 21k solid gold nib, metal section, and appealing size and weight make the CYLINT Patina a delightful choice for writing enthusiasts seeking a unique and refined pen experience.

 Premium Features:

Black- The CYLINT Fountain Pen have a black ion-plated pen clip, cap ring, and a weighted black ion-plated metal grip section. The fountain pen shines with a black ion-plated 21k gold nib in Fine, Medium, or Broad. The ballpoint: a smooth 0.7mm. 

Patina- Crafted by master artisans, the brown patina applied is a Hanmon-Kujyaku (mottled peacock) finish, intricately achieved through a unique process, resulting in a pattern reminiscent of a peacock's exotic beauty. Each pen boasts an individualized finish, as the handcrafted process using brass emphasizes the uniqueness of patterns and color shades on the surface. The intentional corrosion and oxidation of the metal material offer a distinct texture, with the appearance evolving over time, gaining character and depth.

Allow your customers to own a truly one-of-a-kind piece, as each CYLINT Patina fountain pen or ballpoint pen possesses its own exclusive pattern, making no two pieces identical.



  • Fountain Pen : $690.00
  • Ball Point Pen: $390.00


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