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Introducing the latest addition to Sailor’s Galaxy Series: the Iris Nebula. Nebulae, also known as “star smoke,” emerge when gas and dust converge under the pull of gravity, giving birth to a luminous spectacle that does not emit light itself but reflects the light of neighboring stars.

Aptly named for its resemblance to the celestial clouds that look like a blossoming flower in space, Sailor’s Iris Nebula embodies this mesmerizing phenomenon through its distinctive design and color scheme: featuring a semi-translucent blue barrel complemented by a semi-translucent, smoky black cap. The interplay of light and dust is elegantly depicted through the silver glitter adorning the pen body, evoking the celestial dance of the Iris Nebula within the cosmos.

Sailor’s Iris Nebula is offered in both Pro Gear Standard and Pro Gear Slim sizes, ensuring every fountain pen aficionado can experience its celestial splendor.

Cosmic Highlights:

  • Sizes/Nibs:
    • Pro Gear Slim – Rhodium plated 14K Gold nib in EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, and MS
    • Pro Gear Standard – Rhodium plated 21K Gold nib in EF, F, MF, M, B, Z, and MS
  • Limited production with only 1,500 available in 2024
  • Overseas exclusive – Available only outside of Japan
  • MSRP:
    • Pro Gear Slim: $295.00
    • Pro Gear Standard: $450.00
  • Availability: In stock and available for immediate delivery.

The Sailor Iris Nebula is now in stock and ready to ship immediately. Place your order today to secure your inventory.

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