(New!) Sailor Ginza Silver/Roppongi Gold FP Collection

  • $450.00

Introducing the Roppongi Gold and Ginza Silver Professional Gear Fountain Pens from Sailor—a stunning duo featuring a brass grip section and an exquisite 21k solid gold nib inspired by Japan’s rich history and culture. 

The Professional Gear Roppongi Gold Fountain Pen draws its name from the historic Roppongi area, once a samurai town renowned for its samurai residences and goldfish farming, thanks to the area’s abundant underground water. Today, Roppongi thrives as a vibrant hub in Tokyo, blending its storied past with a modern downtown, bustling business district, and flourishing art scene. Sailor Pen’s Head Office proudly resides in this dynamic locale, embodying the area’s spirit of tradition and innovation. 

The Professional Gear Ginza Silver Fountain Pen pays homage to Ginza, a district synonymous with luxury and refinement. In the Edo period, Ginza was the site of a silver coin mint for the shogunate, and the name “Ginza” itself translates to “Silver” in English. As Western culture permeated Japan during the Meiji era, Ginza emerged as the epicenter of cutting-edge fashion. Today, Ginza remains a symbol of opulence and sophistication, reflecting its illustrious past and contemporary elegance. Embrace the legacy and prestige of these iconic Tokyo districts with Sailor’s exquisite Professional Gear Roppongi Gold and Ginza Silver Fountain Pens. 

  • Pro Gear Standard size
  • Nib Options:
    • Pro Gear Standard Roppongi Gold: 21K Solid Gold with Gold Plating in EF, F, MF, M, B, Z and MS
    • Pro Gear Standard Ginza Silver: 21K Solid Gold with  Rhodium Plating in EF, F, MF, M, B, Z and MS
  • Brass weighted grip section: Gold plated for Roppongi Gold, Chrome plated for Ginza Silver
  • MSRP: $450.00
  • Limited Edition and only available outside of Japan
  • Available now for immediate delivery!


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