Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell FP

  • $375.00
  • Save $100

In size 400 for a limited time!SPECIAL EDITION Souverän® 400 Tortoiseshell-BrownThe much coveted model Souverän Tortoiseshell-Brown in size 400 is now available again for a limited time. It is the brown-striped barrel material with subtle orange highlights made of cellulose acetate that makes a pen lovers heart beat faster. For an amazing overall impression the finely turned pieces are made out of high quality resin in dark-brown color.The clip and the rings are 24-carat gold-plated with a 14 carat bi-color gold nib. This elegant series consists of a piston fountain pen, a ball pen, and a roller ball. The highly attractive series 400 Tortoiseshell-Brown will be available starting September 2016.

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