Hinze Pens "Stars and Stripes" (Fed Pens Exclusive!!) - Premium  from Federalist Pens and Paper - Just $224! Shop now at Federalist Pens and Paper

Hinze Pens "Stars and Stripes" (Fed Pens Exclusive!!)

  • $224.00
  • Save $26

"The Final Run"

Fed Pens exclusive with Hinze Pens!! $224 Special! ($250 List)

This will be the third and final run of this popular model! Limited quantities available!

This pen was devised in Collaboration with Frank and Elyce (Starry Night Resins). We wanted a very patriotic themed pen and they nailed it. This is Hinze model F14 - very similar to an Americana Pro. It features the same vintage Deco clip (Plated blue) and paired with Federalist's Pens branded #6 bock nib (Ceramic IP coated blue).

Sold Exclusively thru Federalist Pens and Paper! 

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