(New!) Bock Nibs! Custom Ground (by Nibgrinder!) - Premium New Pen/Product Specials! from Federalist Pens and Paper - Just $55! Shop now at Federalist Pens and Paper

(New!) Bock Nibs! Custom Ground (by Nibgrinder!)

  • $55.00

Bock Stamped Nibs that are custom ground for us by Mark Bacas (aka “Nibgrinder”)! Choose Italic Stub (Med/Broad), Cursive Stub Italic (CSI- Med/Broad) Nibs! Nibs come with Card/Sticker from "Nibgrinder"! Fude style nibs now available! 

Pic shows Bock Stamped "Stag" Nib (Nib Only). Med Point Steel Bock Nibs may come unstamped (Blank).

Nibs in Stainless, Gold plated Finishes! #6 Bock Nibs will fit many Brands! Very unique and stunning Upcharge for Gold Plating and/or CSI Grind...

Contact me about substituting these nibs in your pen that takes either #6 Bock or Jowo Nibs! Seating them in those feeds are no issue! (You can substitute these nibs on any #6 Nib Pen on site for $30 more/cover the cost of the grind!) DM/Message me for custom request! Nominal charge to have nib seated into section of your choice- Jowo or Bock


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