(New!) Federalist Pens Nibs! (Bock/Fed Pens Logo!)

  • $30.00

My Own Custom Nibs are Here (Bock Nibs!)!

Nibs in Stainless, Gold, or Rose Gold Finishes! #6 Bock Nibs will fit many Brands! (Pics show Med Nib!) Nibs have original artwork of my banner logo, and are marked “FP” on the tines! Very unique and stunning! 

The Federalist Pens Logo (Same as Home Page Banner) is protected by US Copyright Law. It cannot be duplicated on any item (especially those for US Import) without the expressed, written permission of Nadine K (Artist), Francis L (Author), or of Franklin Xavier Group, LLC (Owner).

Note that these nibs are sold with Bock feed/section units. Complete Unit ready to be swapped for any pen listed on site that takes Bock Nibs (Conkln, Monteverde, Laban, Montegrappa, Magna Carta, Constellations88, or Visconti!)

Contact me about substituting these nibs in your pen that takes either #6 Bock or Jowo Nibs! Seating them in those feeds are no issue! (You can substitute these nibs on any #6 Nib Pen on site for $25!) DM/Message me for custom request! 


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