(New!) Bock Fountain #5-Size Pen Nibs! - Premium New Pen/Product Specials! from Federalist Pens and Paper - Just $25! Shop now at Federalist Pens and Paper

(New!) Bock Fountain #5-Size Pen Nibs!

  • $25.00

Bock Steel nibs in EF/F/M/Broad sizes!

Pic shows Bock Stamped "Stag". Peter Bock GMBH official logo! #5 size Bock Nibs will fit many Brands (Visconti/OPUS88 among other with small feed/nib units). Nibs come complete in #5 size long feed units.

Contact me about substituting these nibs in your pen that takes either #5 Bock Nibs! 


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