Monteverde/YAFA Omniflex FP Nibs! (JOWO) - Premium  from Federalist Pens and Paper - Just $35! Shop now at Federalist Pens and Paper

Monteverde/YAFA Omniflex FP Nibs! (JOWO)

  • $35.00

Stainless #6 JOWO FLEX nibs that fits Monteverde, Conklin (And Many) Fountain Pens! Nib is in section feed unit- just screw-in to your pen section! In-Stock now!

These nibs look like the steel version of the "Quill" nibs of another Pen Brand that we also represent! More firm, but write nice! Frank-Fed Pens

Note-Nibs are marked "Omniflex".. We also offer the "Duraflex" variants here:

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