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Esterbrook Vintage Nibs

  • $20.00

Nibs listed below are currently available- Nibs are N.O.S. in their original cardboard box. My nibs are sourced from local sources/antique shops. We are in Esterbrook "Country" here in South Jersey! Many people have items in their attic, or have consigned it in antique shops! (My shipping address is on Springdale Road- only a couple miles south of Esterbook Drive/Springdale Road- location of the former Cherry Hill factory)

9xxx Nibs are the upgrade (Green Box) Master Durachrome Nibs (Iridium-Tipped). 2xxx Nibs (Red Box) use additional metal for tipping. Now- you know the difference between them! Nibs are as-new, never used, and should be very smooth! 

I have bought/restored/sold/collected dozens of Esterbrook Pens over the years. I sold these pens on Pen Forums and eBay several years before I even thought of becoming a new pen dealer. Buy with confidence here, and at Pen Shows (Frank/Frankiex/Frank Xavier)!

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