(New!) Sailor Manyo Series#2 FP Collection!

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The new Sailor Manyo Fountain Pen #2 collection boasts exciting new color combinations that were developed to mimic pairs of Manyo ink colors and bring new color possibilities to your collections! 

Grass is a refreshing green and turquoise, mimicking the colors of Ukikusa and Hinoki in a cool combination that goes beautifully with golden accents.

Rabbit Ear Iris is a soft blend of Akebi and Kakitsubata, with a cheerful pink set against a blue lilac body and golden accents.

Violet combines the soothing blue tones of Kikyou and Sumire to create the gentle effect of wild violets in a peaceful field, complimented by silver accents.

Wisteria takes Kuzu and Fuji together in a brilliant mix of color like that of the scarlet wisteria, usually found along rivers and channels—a perfectly romantic place to write or draw. Wisteria is adorned with silver accents.

Moss captures Manyo Koke and Manyo Ayame perfectly, with a robin’s-egg blue color set alongside a soft transparent gray that gleams against silver accents. 

Each pen also comes with a matching bottle of 50mL Manyo ink, and its own exclusive finial, adding an extra touch of sophistication and individuality to these stunning new designs.


  • Available in Professional Gear Slim Size
  • Comes in a set with matching 50mL bottle of Manyo Ink
  • Matching Manyo Ink: Grass - Manyo Hinoki,  Rabbit Ear Iris – Manyo Kakitsubata,  Violet – Manyo Kikyou,  Wisteria – Manyo Fuji,  Moss – Manyo Koke
  • Trim and Nib Options:
    • Grass & Rabbit Ear Iris – Gold Trim
      • Solid 14K Gold Nib in sizes F, MF, and M
    • Violet, Wisteria, & Moss – Silver Trim
      • Solid 14K Rhodium Plated Gold in sizes F, MF, and M
  • Special Edition
  • MSRP $ 390.00

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