(Sale!) "Founding Fathers" BP Collection- Shaw Pens/Federalist Pens

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 Our Own BP Pens! Based on Shaw Pens "Jeffersonian" BP Model!

In Collaboration with Shaw Pens, I have created a "Founding Fathers" Ball-Point Collection! Twist action BP pen with colors closely associated with each noted American: (Pen Blank Pics shown for detail)

-James Madison (Black): Co-writer of "The Federalist Papers" with Hamilton. 4th President of the U.S. -Solid, Stately Black/Antique Brass!

-George Washington (Purple): 1st President of the U.S., General of the American Forces during the War for Independence (The Revolutionary War). -Rich, Dark Purple/Antique Brass!  (as in the "Purple Heart" that bears his bust)

(Hamilton Green and Jefferson Blue is Sold Out at this time)

Pen is 5 3/4" in length. Pen is well balanced, but substantial in your hand (weighs 62g)! A script signature adorns one side of the barrel ("Federalist Pen and Paper" on the other side). Each BP works with a twist mechanism at the top. Exquisite detail in both cap and front finial (Pearl "Jewel" at top). A Schmidt Easy-Flow 9000 Refill is included. Comes in a gift box with certificate from Shaw Pens! 

Alan Shaw is a dear friend, and icon in local Philly Pen Making. Many awards and accolades have been given to his work. Look for his products at my show tables in 2024. These products are provided by me on a consignment basis. There is no upcharge- I am more than happy to help his business, and offer more products than my first pen collaboration listed above. This is what we do in this hobby- Frank



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