Robert Oster "Frankly Five" FP 5-Pack Ink Collection!

  • $80.00

Thanks to a recommendation on a Zoom Party, I decided to offer this collection! Get all 5 “Frankly" Series Inks in this special bundle offer! 

"Frankly" Inks Celebrate my collaboration to bring Oster Inks to the USA! Each edition marks Robert Oster Signature in the US from 2017-2020 (Frankly Fifth marks Fed Pens own 5th Anniversary-4 for R.O.S!) 

-Frankly Blue (Oster 1st Anniversary 2017)

-Frankly Scarlet (2nd Anniversary 2018)

-Frankly Green (3rd Anniversary 2019)

-Frankly Fifth (Fed Pens 5th Anniversary)

-NEW! Frankly Walnut (Fed Pens Exclusive)

Direct from Australia! We were the first US Dealer to carry Robert Oster Signature Ink! Robert Oster Signature Ink is perfect for Fountain Pens and ideal for all of your Writing, Calligraphy and Brush applications. This bottle is fully recyclable! Made in Australia from clear, recycled PET with a tightly secure twist cap. Perfect as a travel safe streamlined ink pot.

We Debuted Robert Oster Signature Ink in the USA at the 2016 DC Pen Show! Rob (Oster) had just started making ink, and had 36 colors! Now- he has well over 100 colors and many dealers worldwide (More than a dozen in the US)! Contact us about any color you do not see listed!!

"wish you much success frank. everyone we speak with has nothing but compliments and respect for you. and i am so very glad i chose you to be first to stock in the usa."(Robert Oster-2016)

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