Visconti Van Gogh FP Collection

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Visconti has worked hard to formulate palettes of color that accurately reflect the technique and emotion of each of Van Gogh’s paintings. Never before have pens been created that were inspired by a specific canvas – difficult work considering the diversity of objects and techniques used by Van Gogh. Through the meticulous and painstaking choice of color and palette mix, each Visconti pen is unique and has emerged to represent a specific Van Gogh painting.  The name of the painting and artist are delicately engraved around the pen’s ring, and each pen is packed into a unique gift box that is complemented with a faithfully reproduced canvas of the painting. The pen itself utilizes Visconti’s eighteen-faceted design, the many edges enhancing the vivid colors of the pen. As always, each pen may be personalized using Visconti’s patented ‘My Pen System,’ and Visconti has employed their popular magnetic closure system.

Special purchase from Coles of London (US Distributor) of older stock Van Gogh Models (Shoes, Sun Flowers, and Vincent's Chair)! Brand New Pens with Full Warranty from Visconti USA!

SE "Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman" (Holiday 2020) Now Available!

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