Visconti Rembrandt FP Collection

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New! Blue Fog model now available!

Visconti’s well known Rembrandt Collection was inspired by the famous 17th century painter Rembrandt Van Rijn. Rembrandt is recognized as one of the most influential artists in art history, known for his ability to blend the elements of earthly and spiritual life into his works. Rembrandt mastered the use of color using the Chiaroscuro technique, an oil painting practice that uses strong contrasts between light and dark using shading to represent three dimensional forms.  Visconti has mastered this technique by selecting colorful resins with brush-like strokes of color that make each and every pen unique, a true masterpiece in its own right.  The Visconti arc clip features a spring mechanism that is virtually indestructible. The cap and barrel snap together with a unique magnetic lock that is easy and efficient. The metal ring is finely engraved with decorative motifs used by Rembrandt himself. 
Special Purchase from Coles of London on SE Ivory, or Colonial Grey with Gunmetal Trim from our US Distributor! Take advantage of current stock! Warranty valid on these “New Old Stock” Pens!

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