Visconti Mirage Mythos Fountain Pen Collection (New Colors!)

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  • Save $39.80

Visconti is pleased to present a brand new collection with a "divine" look: Poseidon, Apollo, Zeus, Athena and Aphrodite are the protagonists of the Visconti 'Mirage Mythos' Collection.

Greek mythology teaches that the Olympian gods are immortal beings, governing the life and death of human beings. The three personalities Visconti selected represent three different supernatural forces that inspired the new Mythos Collection.

Exciting New Colors 

  • Apollo: Brown with Bronze Shading
  • Aphrodite: Purple with Bronze Shading
  • Zeus: Blue with Bronze Shading
  • (New) Athena: Teal with Bronze Shading
  • (New) Poseidon: Dark Blue with Bronze Shading

 Classic Design with New Innovations

The Mirage Mythos features a familiar design with exciting innovations:

  • Large steel 'German made' nib plated in yellow gold vermeil.
  • Brass grip section in a soft brushed satin finish.
  • New center ring engraved with the inscription, MYTHOS and a V to emulate a stylized Mount Olympus.

Fountain Nib: Large steel nib with yellow gold vermeil plating: F, M, B

Filling System: FP: Cartridge/Converter

Love the Mirage FP, But did not like the small nib?? The Mythos Mirage solves that problem with a #6 Schmidt gold plated nib! Frank

Roller Ball ($179 list) and BP Models ($169 list) also available! Ask about discount/how to order!

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