Vintage Carter's Midnight Blue-Black Ink Sample!

  • $3.00

I am in possession of an original 32oz bottle of this Vintage Ink.

Carter's Made Pens and Ink back in the "Heyday" of Fountain Pens!

I believe this bottle is ca1950. It has been in my collection for over a decade. It continues to be very viscous, and is stored in its' original box (cool/dry storage)!       (It is still 3/4 full- it was new, sealed when I found it in antique shop/there was a tape label around the spout cap-like a liquor bottle!)

I am selling 4ml samples at $3 each! (I am not interested in selling the bottle) You are welcome to order as many samples as you like! Frank

Note that Vintage ink tends to be more "Archival" (permanent) than our modern inks. It will most likely stain some pens- so be aware of this when you ink your pen. It is washable, but could stain Demo Pens! Frank

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