STEX 100C Copper Fountain Pen

  • $160.00

The Stex 100C Pocket Pen is a masterpiece created using state-of-the-art machining, ensuring every detail is perfected to perfection.
With a carefully calculated weight for balance, the Stex 100C feels like an extension of your hand, making every stroke effortlessly precise. Its Schmidt nib glides smoothly across the page, delivering an unparalleled writing experience. The sleek and glossy copper clip adds a touch of elegance, showcasing the beauty of meticulous craftsmanship.
(Kaweco Sport fans will love this pen- Think "Copper Sport"! Frank)
Cap Dia : 12mm
Barrel Dia : 12mm
Cap and barrel material : Copper

Clip, Section and trims material : Copper
Length : 100mm
Length with cap posted : 140mm
Standard Nib : Schmidt 'M' Stainless Steel
Feeder : Plastic
Weight : 59 gms
Ink system : Universal Cartridges, Monteverde Push Mini-Converter included!

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