Platinum Izumo Gozame FP

  • $900.00

Shunichi Nakata, the founder of Platinum Pen, launched the Izumo series in 2010 with the help of local craftsmen and the cooperation of officials from Izumo City in Shimane Prefecture. The name was chosen to acknowledge the birthplace of the founder. We are now launching “Bamboo Weaving Fountain Pen Gozame,” adopting the traditional weaving techniques used in bamboo crafts. Bamboo, which has been closely involved in the lives of Japanese people since the Jomon period, was used for various tools and decorations. Gradually the weaving techniques became an increasingly valued craft and were eventually accepted as a traditional craft. The main feature of this fountain pen is the barrel, which is weaved carefully by skilled traditional craftsmen. Firstly, an oil removing process called aburanuki is applied, which provides durability and luster to the surface. After this is arawari, where the bamboo is cut to the appropriate size, and then habatori, a process to make each bamboo strip an even width. The bamboo strips are dyed with specially formulated colors and evenly plaited in “gozame” pattern, followed by sabiurushi coating as a finish providing a beautiful contrast of light and shade to the surface. The fountain pen is available in two body colors; a rich dignified look ankokushoku (pitch-dark color) and benikabairo (traditional red color), which brings out shades of dye. We hope you enjoy the beautiful contrast of the light and the texture unique to the bamboo weaving.Specifications:Size – 136.5mm×15mm (max. diameter); average weight 30g Material Body:POMMaterial – Barrel, casing: BambooUpper ring, body screw: Black chrome plating on brassGrip: AS resinGrip protection ring: Gold plating on stainless steel Nib: 18K gold wide (18-26) Specialized for IzumoAccessoriesGift Box made of paulownia wood LN Izumo (4000063)Bottle ink- Blue-black ink 30ccCartridge ink – One blue-black ink Converter Converter 500(4704000) RefillCartridge ink refills – SPSQ-400, SPN-100A

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