Pilot Axiom Ball Point Pens

  • $22.00
  • Save $2

An axiom is defined as 'a statement that is so obvious that it needs no proof'. It is obvious that the Axiom is a superior pen - with striking looks and an exceptionally smooth writing experience. Axiom combines premium metal accents with modern, bold barrel finishes in matte black, glossy black, pearl white, cherry red and cobalt blue, with exceptionally smooth writing ballpoint ink. The Pilot Axiom is the perfect pen for your everyday writing, or as a thoughtful gift for a momentous occasion.

-Premium metal barrel and style with silver accents and bold colors
-Smooth writing ball point ink that glides across the page
-Choose Gloss Black, Pearl White, Cherry Red, or Cobalt Blue
-Blue ink
-Retractable & refillable

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