(New!) Platinum Procyon LE Maki-e FPs!

  • $150.00

Latest Edition of these models now in stock!

Platinum is pleased to announce a new ongoing item in the Procyon family, the Modern Maki-e Luster! Available in two designs, this is a start of a series from Platinum that they plan to expand for years to come!

The design of the Cranes over Moon incorporates the style of “Rimpa,” which is one of the art forms of Japanese paintings. Cranes have long been cherished in Japan as a symbol of good luck and used in various items and kimono patterns since ancient times.

The “Showa Sanshoku (three colors of Showa),” “Taisho Sanshoku (three colors of Taisho)” and “Kohaku (red and white),” the popular varieties of Nishikigoi carps, are illustrated over the famous water pattern of Ogata Korin. Legend has it that carps can transform into a mighty dragon by swimming upstream against the riverʼs strong current and leaping the “dragon gate.” Therefore, the image of a carp jumping over the gate is considered a symbol of success.

These designs are applied via Platinum's Modern Maki-e silk screen technique. Designed on the Procyon Model, and available in both Fine or Medium Point Nibs.

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