Leonardo Momento Zero FP Collection

  • $185.00

MomentoZero collection, in the beginning.
In the beginning.
Designed at the end of 2017, our inaugural pen, the Momento Zero, quickly became an icon amongst pen collectors.
Appreciated for its vintage details, Italian DNA, size and balance, the Momento Zero also became a favorite because of the vibrant colors and high-quality acrylic and special resins it was crafted from.
Each Momento Zero is turned from a solid bar and numbered on the body of the pen.
It will arrive with a cartridge converter and cartridge.

Available in Steel Gold Plated Nibs (Matte Black is coated steel), and 14k Gold Nibs.              In Stock Now!
The Momento Zero was the first Leonardo pen model.. and we found it appropriate here at Fed Pens to begin with this model! Frank

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