S.T. Dupont Line D Large “Declaration of Independence" FP/RB Pen

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Line D Large Declaration of Independence Pen
A beacon to the world, the strong colors of the U.S. flag remind the world of the power of a collective vision of human democracy. Uniting behind the foundational elements of the young nation, the S.T. Dupont Declaration of Independence showcases the vision and accomplishments of a country striving towards a government by the people, for the people.

France supported the American Revolution, making S. T. Dupont’s homage to the emblem of their American ally even more poignant.

The 14 karat white gold fountain pen nib shines like America’s beacon of light to the world, you can proudly display your patriotism with either the fountain pen or rollerball.

The vibrant blue lacquer of the pen body is layered over an engraved guilloche reminiscent of patriotic bunting you see decorating American homes celebrating the 4th of July.

Item Codes & Retail Price:

410035L -Line D Large Declaration of Independence Fountain $1,695 retail
412035L -Line D Large Declaration of Independence Rollerball $1,495 retail

Edition: Limited to 176 pieces

Fountain Pen Nib: 14k solid white gold nib in EF, F, M and B

Filling system: FP: cartridge, converter fill RB: Refill

Material: Solid brass and natural lacquer

Trim: Palladium

 The Line D Collection is defined by signature features that signify S.T. Dupont’s strong history. The pens feature Dupont’s famous ‘cling’ sound when opening and closing the cap of the pen, the blazon signature can be found on the articulated clip – a symbol of 145 years of pride and family story, and the signature cursive letter “D” at the top of the cap has been redesigned and magnified for immediate recognition. The curved shape and soft lines of the Line D collection provide a timeless elegance with a well-balanced design to provide the ultimate writing comfort.

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